This year’s International Youth Day theme focuses on International Solidarity; “Creating a world for all ages”. As we come out in large numbers to celebrate freedom, to celebrate peaceful inclusions, and awareness raising to an end of the bizarre entities that have held us back, bizarre entities that have diminished our reflections to ages of the unknown, actions that have a stampede on the rights of where every youth could voice out in one accord to address their concern(s); we hope to see a change to the extent it becomes a cultural element to the society we exist upon.

CPPLI in collaboration with #VoteNotFight regional partners and National Democratic Institution (NDI) is delivering strides to curtail the menace that is limiting youth participation and inclusion in electoral processes and decision-making processes of society. CPPLI is hoping for youths with zealous minded approach, that could effect a change through peer-to-peer networks, leveraging on the scope of reach out where all age groups are satisfactorily represented to come together as one voice and say yes to active participation in societal business, and electoral processes.

CPPLI, Vote Not Fight regional partners and NDI is urging the youths of this generation, to stand up to intergenerational solidarity, and to consolidate a changeful act that will stem and have an effect on the society we live in today. Happy International Youth Day; From all of us at CPPLI.

Thank you!!!